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Qilu Normal University held the "First Sino-Russian College Students' Wushu Culture Exchange Conference"
2022-10-28 15:12   审核人:

At 2:00 p.m. on September 15, Beijing time, the online "First Sino-Russian College Students' Wushu Culture Exchange" jointly organized by Qilu Normal University, Vyatka State University and Izhevsk State University of Technology was held in Shandong, Kirov and Udmurt Republic at the same time.

Government officials and university leaders from the three regions of the two countries attended the conference at the local branch venue respectively via the Internet connection.

The whole conference was presided over by Zhang Zhaoming, Vice President of Qilu Normal University. Four sessions were presented, including singing the national anthems of China and Russia, speeches delivered by leaders from all aspects, the unveiling ceremony of the "Sino-Russian Language and Culture Center" jointly established by Qilu Normal University and Izhevsk State University of Technology, and the Wushu performance from Shandong, Kirov and Udmurt.

At the end of the "First Sino-Russian College Students' Wushu Culture Exchange Conference", Qin Menghua, President of Qilu Normal University announced a complete success of the event. He pointed out that we met with Russian friends via the Internet for the first time. He hoped to work with Russian colleagues to promote the traditional friendship between China and Russia between teachers and students of both schools, and enhance interaction and mutual understanding with the enthusiasm and sincerity embodied in Russian national dance and the spirit of self-reliance and inclusiveness conveyed by Chinese traditional martial arts. At last, on behalf of Qilu Normal University, Qin Menghua extended a sincere invitation to the Russian leaders and guests and the teachers and students of the two cooperative schools. He welcomed them to the beautiful Jinan and Qilu Normal University in Shandong Province. He looked forward to the next gathering face-to-face, meeting friends with Wushu, communication and exchange, looking forward to the shared future.

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