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Getting to know Jinan
2017-08-09 21:28   审核人:




Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, is located in the north-western part of Shandong province at 36° 40′ northern latitude and 117° 00′ east of Greenwich. Located in north-western Shandong about 400 kilometers south of the national capital of Beijing, the city occupies a transition zone between the northern foothills of the Taishan Massif to the south of the city and the valley of the  Yellow River to the north. The whole area of Jinan takes approximately 8177 square kilometers, with 3257 square kilometers as its urban area.


l  Climate

Jinan has a humid subtropical climate with four well-defined seasons. The city is dry and rainless in spring, hot and rainy in summer, crisp in autumn and dry and cold in winter. The average annual temperature is 14.2, and the annual rainfall is around 675 mm. January is the coldest and driest month, the monthly averages are -5.4 for the daily minimum temperature, 3.6for the daily maximum temperature, and 6.6 mm for the rainfall. July is the warmest and wettest month, the corresponding numbers are 23.532.6, and 190.9mm.  



Jinan has a population of 6.38 million.

 Time Zone

Jinan is 8 hours of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+0800)


Mandarin (Standard Chinese)


Buddhism / Taoism / Christianity / Catholicism / Muslim


Voltage: 220   Frequency: 50

Type of Plugs and Outlets:



The currency is RMB, and the exchange rate is about 100USD=655RMB

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