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How to apply
2017-08-09 21:25   审核人:


Step 1: Download the Application Form and get it filled as requested and send it to hershell@163.com

Step 2: You shall submit the following documents after we inform that you are a qualified candidate initially to apply for study in Qilu  Normal University by email or fax.

Ø The copy of the certificates for the last degree and graduation

Ø A copy of the valid passport (photo page)

Step 3: The official admission notice, along with form JW202 will be mailed by express for your visa application.

Step 4: With the Admission Notice, JW202 Form, private passport and personal Physical Examination Record, you can apply for the visa in the nearest embassy/consulate of China in your country.

(Standard Documents for Visa Application)

Ø A valid passport (Make sure your passport is valid for longer time otherwise your residence permit will be reapplied after your passport expires. Applying for a new passport may take some time, and the time needed varies from country to country.)

Ø Recent passport-sized photos

Ø Visa application form

Ø JW-202 form (Remember to bring back the original copy to China)

Ø Admission Notice

Ø Physical Examination Record

Step 5: Once the visa is issued, please notify us of the date of your departure and we will arrange all the necessary things like hostel room and others in the university.

Step 6: The school officials shall receive the student at the nearest airport, bus station or railway station to the university.

Step 7: Your payment for admission need to be completed when you get to the university.

Ø JW202 Form Fee: 50 RMB

Ø Health Insurance Fee: 300 RMB


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