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Admission to Chinese Language Courses
2017-08-09 21:24   审核人:

Admission to Chinese Language Courses

Type of Students to Be Enrolled

We accept college students and adults with the age from 18 to 55 for either long-term or short-term Chinese language classes.

Duration of Study: Both Long-term and Short-term.

The duration of long-term class is over six months. In each semester, there are about 18 weeks for classes, 20 academic hours every week and 50 minutes for each academic hour. Foreign students will have the “X” Visa (Student’s Visa).

The duration of short-term class is four weeks to six months (including six months). There are 20 to 30 academic hours according to specific courses, 50 minutes for each academic hour. Foreign students can have the “L” Visa (Traveler’s Visa), and physical examination is not needed.

Courses: Customized Courses from Beginning to Advanced Levels

Courses for Beginning Level: Comprehensive Chinese, Listening, Communicative Chinese and Learn to Write Chinese Characters

Courses for Intermediate Level: Comprehensive Chinese, Listening and Speaking, Reading, Traditional Culture of China and Instruction for HSK

Courses for Advanced Level: Advanced Comprehensive Chinese, Speak in Chinese Freely, Listen to Chinese Freely, Newspaper Reading,  China Today and Traditional Culture

Selective Courses: Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts, Tai-Chi and Chinese Folk Music

If foreign students need, we can offer courses like specialized Chinese for economics and trade.

Teaching Facilities

We have well-equipped classrooms, lecture rooms and language labs with multi-media facilities and a reference-book room for foreign students only.


All the teachers have certificates for teaching Chinese. They will offer customized teaching to students of different levels with great patient and rich teaching experience.

Culture Activities and Trips

Every year we offer students two free trips to the region with great traditional Chinese culture, such as the terra cotta warrior’s city Xi’an, Confucius hometown Qufu, the ancient town Pingyao, etc.

Language Companion

If foreign students like, we will be glad to help them find Chinese students in our institute to be their language companions for Chinese practice and life convenience.


1. Tuition Fee

12,000RMB per year for each student for long-term study;

2,000RMB per student for shot-term study no longer than four weeks, and if more than four weeks, an extra 400 RMB per student for each week

2. Accommodation Fee

30 RMB per day for each student;

50 RMB per day for each student if not share the room with others

3. Cost of Food

Generally 15 to 30 RMB per day for each student

4. Other fees

Each foreign student needs to pay 160 RMB for registration and 240 RMB per year for teaching material.

Teaching Achievements

As a result of the high-quality and customized teaching, many foreign students in our institute have passed HSK Level 7 and Level 8, which facilitate their study and life in China greatly. The good teaching effect and warm service of our institute attract more and more international students to come to study in our university.

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