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Memorandum of Understanding
2017-06-27 22:54   审核人:


(Institution)and Qilu NormalUniversity hereby agree to foster academic exchange and cooperation between the two institutions.

                                        SCOPE OF COOPERATION

    Subject to mutual consent, the areas of cooperation will include any program offered by either institution as felt desirable and feasible on either side and that contributes to fostering and development of the cooperative relationship between the two universities.

Cooperation may be carried out through such activities as:

· Exchange of faculty and/or staff;

· Exchange of undergraduate students;

· Exchange of scientific materials, publications, and information;

· Exchange of cultural activities

· Joint conferences and academic programs;

· Joint research activities and publications.

    These activities are to be carried out after mutual consultation between the two institutions or the divisions concerned thereof. Normally each institution will sign a letter of agreement setting out the responsibilities of each institution for the agreed activity and such other matters as the institutions agree are necessary for the efficient achievement of the activity.


    The (name of office) at (name of institution) and the Office of International Affairs at QiluNormalUniversity shall serve as coordinators of this agreement at their respective universities.  Notification of any change in liaison officers may be made by letter.


    This Memorandum of Understanding may be modified through the mutual discussion and consent of the two institutions, and shall remain in effect from the date of signature for an initial period of five years. Thereafter it shall be automatically renewed each year; however, after the initial period either institution may terminate the agreement by giving six months written notice of such intent.


    In Witness of the terms of this agreement our signatures are affixed:





______________________________                                  ______________________________

(Name)                                                        Lin Songbai

President                                                      President  




______________________________                                  ______________________________

Date                                                        Date





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